Photo Gallery

Photos of Cloud 9 Ice Cream and Coffee Store

In our photo gallery, you’ll find photos of our Cloud 9 ice cream store in Melrose.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy the photos of our Cloud 9 candy, ice cream, coffee, and toy  displays.

We would like to feature some of our loyal customers experiences in our store.  We welcome you to submit your own photos at our store by sending us an email for inclusion on our photo gallery, blog, and social media pages!  You can also share your photos with us on social media directly by tagging our store in your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts, using our social media page username @Cloud9Melrose and the hashtag #Cloud9Melrose.

If you recently came into our store for a Cloud 9 coffee, an ice cream cone or a Richie’s Italian ice, please share your photo with us.  Or, if you plan to celebrate your child’s birthday party here, we want to see all of the fun!

If you’d like to learn more about what our menu includes or how we can help support your event, please contact us and see our menu.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and we look forward to seeing you in our Cloud 9 Melrose store soon!